Multiage classes are created when children of different ages and grade levels are intentionally combined in a single classroom to realize academic and social benefits. Multiage is an option for incoming kindergarten families, who may choose between multiage, looping, and traditional single year classrooms. You can apply for HHE's multiage program by filling out our online application or by picking up and completing a hard copy from the front office. We will begin accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year on May 15th.

Multiage at HHE
Heron Heights is proud to currently offer K/1 and 2/3 multiage classes. A student enters our multiage family in kindergarten as a "younger" and remains in the same class for his/her first grade year as new youngers join the classroom family. First graders, or "olders" as we refer to them, develop leadership and problem solving skills as they act as role models to their younger peers. Olders inspire youngers to push themselves as they learn and work alongside one another. Our multiage classes are run like families and are taught by teachers who believe that children learn as much from their peers as they do their teacher. Lasting friendships, differentiated instruction, and an understanding of how children learn makes multiage an enticing option for Heron Heights families that you can't find just anywhere.

Multiage Sleepover, 2019

Our annual multiage sleepover was a HUGE success! In fact, we've heard we "crushed it!" We know your child will have so many wonderful memories from the night. This year the kids designed pillow cases, ate pizza, went on a nocturnal animal hunt with their flashlights, danced in a glow room, played carnival games, rode scooters in the halls, designed a gift for their mother, watched movies, and visited a secret location in the school. Whew, what a night! Thank you for trusting us with your little ones and supporting our program.

Froggy Friends Construct VOWEL TOWN

The Froggy Friends became word builders in our Phonics Unit of Study. Our culminating activity was to create a VOWEL TOWN by drawing and labeling each word using our knowledge of vowel teams and word parts.The children were so proud of themselves as they admired their project, which reminded them of how much they had accomplished with all their hard work. We even got a shout out from Lucy Calkins (author of Units of Study for Writing, Reading and Phonics) on Facebook!

K/1 Handwriting Club

Why are K/1 multiage students so excited to get to their classrooms? They don’t want to be late for Handwriting Club. The K/1 teachers open their doors at 7:30am during the second half of the school year to provide a unique opportunity for our students. Twice a week, students grab their clipboards, pencils and handwriting paper and join their teacher for explicit letter formation instruction. Our 2/3 teachers appreciate us providing this for our students and are impressed with the penmanship of our little ones.

“The early years of schooling are especially critical for handwriting instruction; once children have formed counterproductive habits in handwriting, such as poor pencil hold or inefficient letter formation, those habits can be difficult to change.”

Morning Math with Mr. Lennertz

If Mr. Lennertz was asked what his favorite subject is, his answer would definitely be “Math!”

Mr. Lennertz held a Multiage FSA Math Review Class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings last month. Our 2/3 students came to class at 7:30 AM, before school started, to hone their math skills in preparation for the May 7-8 test. The students reviewed math concepts, vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies.

They are going to do a great job!!

Earth Day Week, 2019

To culminate "Earth Day Week," HHE's kindergarten students got to see a waste management truck and do a Q and A with it's driver. It was such a unique experience that all of our K/1 kids got to experience. Did you know the trash bin claw is controlled by a screen and joystick? It is very similar to a video game! Or that the driver's seat and steering wheel are on the right side of the truck, not the left? Ricky, awesome waste management driver, was nothing but smiles as he fielded countless questions from our inquisitive 5, 6, and 7 year olds. This will certainly be a treasured memory for HHE's kindergarten and K/1 multiage students.

Field Day, April 19

On Thursday, April 18th, our multiage classes had their annual field day. Organized by our PE teacher, Coach O'Rorke, the morning was filled will relays, tug-of-war, and countless giggles, cheers, and memories. In true multiage fashion, the children were mixed into five groups, with each group having students K-3 representing each of our five of our multiage classes. Each group was then assigned a multiage teacher to act as the team's coach for the morning. It was great to see some of our parents "off in the distance" lol, cheering and chatting with one another.

Multiage Bowling, March 2

On March 2nd our multiage families "hit the lanes" at our annual family bowling event. Multiage students had a blast bowling with their friends and siblings, while our fabulous multiage parents had the opportunity to chat and strengthen their friendships. Such a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

K/1 Celebrates the 120th Day of School

K/1 celebrated the 120th day of school (working within 120 is one of our first grade standards) by transforming our classrooms into construction sites. Signs were hung around our rooms along with video/audio feed from an actual construction site to set the scene. Students "clocked in" to the 10 x 12 construction crew when they arrived on the job site. After participating in a quick safety training, they were given a crew badge, hard hat, safety vest, and tool belt. The children spent their day completing various jobs, both independent and with a team, focusing on 120. Our principal even stopped in as a "Safety Inspector" to ensure we were working as a team. Thank you to all of our parents who donated items and time to make the day one our K/1 kids will never forget!

Career Day @ HHE

On February 21st, our multiage students participated in HHE's Annual Career Day. Organized by our technology teacher, Mrs. Srebnik, the day gives the kids a glimpse of possible career paths. Presenters give an overview of their jobs, share the skills and attributes that make them successful, and allow the kids to ask questions. Thank you to all of our multiage parents who donated their time to share their careers with lucky students of HHE.

Feb. 14: HHE's Day of Kindness

On February 14th, the first anniversary of the MSD tragedy, our multiage family focused on kindness. In K/1, our students read the book "Enemy Pie" by Tara Calahan King while our 2/3 students read "The Day You Begin" by Rafael López and Jacqueline Woodson. Each teacher planned activities throughout the day that gave the children a creative outlet and stimulated conversations about ways we can show kindness to one another and our community. Some of our K/1 students even became "kindness ninjas" and used watercolors to paint kindness signs that they stealthily hung throughout the school.


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